Hey there! I’m Dave McLean. I’ve been a WordPress web designer and developer for over eight years, working on various WordPress website projects for multiple clients and employers. I’ve taught myself everything I know through work experience and research over my professional career. Now, with davemclean.net, I can provide hints and tips that I’ve learned via tutorials that I hope people will find useful.

My website of davemclean.net provides tutorials and tips for WordPress and for RetroPie. WordPress is a big part of my professional career, and tinkering around with RetroPie has recently become a new exciting hobby of mine.

As far as RetroPie goes, I’m a big fan of RetroPie (and retro gaming in general) and it has quickly become a small hobby of mine. As many RetroPie fans know, a large majority of the fun of RetroPie comes from tinkering with your own RetroPie system and personalising it to make it all your own. There are so many little tricks and customisations you can do with RetroPie to make your retro gaming system unique, and I want to share these with all RetroPie fans.

davemclean.net is also home to my portfolio and curriculum vitae. If you are interested in seeing some of the work I’ve done over my career, be sure to check these out. Clients I have worked with include Subway, Toyota, Fishing In Godzone and Annah Stretton.

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